Regional Publications



"Friends Indeed"
Outdoor Illinois 5/10 [view pdf]
  "Hiking Through History"
Outdoor Illinois 10/09 [view pdf]
"Consider the Possibility"
Sandra Steingraber Profile

Illinois Times (cover story) 12/07
  “Pedal Power”
Illinois Times 08/07
“The Mystery of the Ancient Bison”
Outdoor Illinois 08/06 [view pdf]
  “Battered but Beautiful”
Illinois Times 05/06
“Knot a Lost Art”
Outdoor Illinois 11/05 [view pdf]
  “A Day at Bison Beach”
Illinois Times 10/05
“Bird’s-Eye View”
Illinois Times (cover story) 04/05
  “The Reawakening”
Illinois Times (cover story) 11/04
“The Song of Jens Jensen”
Illinois Times 12/03
  “Seahorse Symphony” [N/A]
Illinois Times 09/99

National Publications

“Captain Casanova”
Animal Fair Winter 2002 [view pdf]
  National Covers
“Healing the Sea” [N/A]
Passionfruit: A Women’s Travel Journal
Spring/Summer 2001



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